Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

Product Information

Please check out the product page, if the description is insufficient, there are tabs for additional information, questions and answers. If you are still unable to find the information, contact us at and we’ll try to do our best to help!

Orders & Deliveries

Once your items have been dispatched, you can find all the relevant tracking information in your control panel for your convenience!

Once your order has been placed and accepted, please check your control panel for the status of your order. We also add tracking information once the items have been dispatched for your convenience.

Returns & Exchanges

Yes, as long as the coffee packaging is unopened, just send it back!

Yes! As long as you have the gift receipt, and the item was bought within the last 30 days and has been unused.  (Please ensure all the contents remain in the box in immaculate condition).

Machine Support

Your coffee machine should come with an instruction manual. But if you prefer an online version, and can’t find the downloadable manual on our products page, contact us at and we will do our best to source it for you!

If your machine develops a fault within the first 30 days, send it straight back to us and we will issue you with a full refund, or should you wish to receive a replacement, we will send you one out (should we have stock availability).

If it occurs after the 30 days, contact and we will either get it fixed or replaced for you!

Coffee Subscriptions

Yes, when you log in to your control panel, you have the ability to add funds to your account.  When your payment is due to be taken, we can take it straight from the funds.

Please give us 14 days notice prior to when your next payment is due, we will cancel your subscription immediately. No questions asked!

At Yuno Coffee, we offer rolling monthly / quarterly subscriptions of coffees you enjoy. And depending on the plan you choose, you can save money, and have it delivered straight to you door!

Machine Rental

Should you be accepted for coffee machine rental, we offer a 12 month agreement as minimum, but you can rent at a lower rate if you increase the years, should you wish to.

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service, although should you wish to pay off your contract early, please get in touch.

Get in touch with us right away, if the coffee machine is faulty, and not been damaged through improper use, we will send out a courtesy machine immediately while your’s is being repaired.

Website / Online Support

If you are having any difficulties with our website, we have a ‘CHAT WITH US‘ option at the bottom of the page. If you are unable to use that also, could you please email us at with details of the issues you are facing. Alternatively, give us a call on 0845 867 7157 and we’ll do our best to help!

Issues and Complaints

If for any reason you should be dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, we are always striving to improve, and would very much appreciate if you could contact us at  to discuss matters.